To call or not to call that is the question

So the other night I started to really get some pain. Throbbing type on the right side temple area, earache and and pain In the mastoid area behind my right ear.

I sat here wondering if I should call Dr B’s cell phone or just wait and see. Of course I posted the question on Facebook and all of my family and friends said to call right then! Of course my brother stated just don’t wait until 3 am to call him! Ha, they are not the one with conflicting thoughts going through their head, it’s not that bad, well maybe it is…

I decided to wait it out. Grabbed a bag full of frozen peas and placed it on the swelling I can feel and see on the right side of the head in the temple area. I only waited because it was 10:14 pm.

The ice seemed to help as well as the painkiller I took. I got up yesterday and decided that I should call. I knew that his nurse and scheduler were on vacation this week so I called his cell phone.

The conversation
Me: hello Doc B it’s me sorry to bother you!
Dr B: no bother, hold on while I climb in the car, ok now what’s up?
Me: oh headache, swelling, pain, temple area, ear pain going on for a few days now
Dr B : what took you so long to call!
Me: Weekend, late evening last night and I did not feel like I should bug you.
Dr B: Bother me? Are you kidding? Crap I’m out of town, (add another reason why i did not want to call him) I cant see you until Friday.

He asked me all kind of questions, if it gets worse i am to go to the urgent care, they are going to say sinus infection, what ever, they are going to ignore that you are healing from a craniotomy, and give you antibiotics which would be fine, but we need to get you in for a ct scan! Call the office and who ever answers, say that he told me to call, and I need an appointment with him this Friday.

I call the office and another doctors nurse is answering the phone, she acts like she has known me forever ( i think everyone in his office knows me by name after the hospital stay and the insurance issues) we joke about how she knows me and she makes the appointment. By this time I am questioning myself is it really that serious, or am I over reacting on calling the doc. Oh well we will find out soon enough I have an appointment with one of the busiest doctors I have ever met this friday. Usually and appointment takes 2-3 weeks to get.

I will update you as soon as I figure out if I am just ultra sensitive or if there is (god forbid) something actually going on. Lets just hope I’m being over sensitive.


About Just Jules

USCG Vet, wife, daughter, recently blimded in one eye from brain surgery, using my passion for 3Gun as my rehab.
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2 Responses to To call or not to call that is the question

  1. Shirley Nelsen says:

    I presume you plan to finish this post later. What did Dr. B say? OR…is he seeing you now.
    Thinking of you every minute

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