And we are waiting…

So I have been having the headaches and swelling for the past 2 weeks. At the urging of family I finally called Dr B last week then saw him on Friday. Of course when I went to his office there was pain but no actual swelling.

I had a CT Scan yesterday and we are waiting for the Doc to call me with the report. Hopefully I am just being sensitive and it is nerves rejuvenating.

I would say that at almost 2 months since surgery, I am healing well, with the exception of the above pain and swelling, I only have:

scalp numbness –
feels funny when you wash your hair

itchy scalp –
where the incision is, and where the scalp was peeled from the skull, mostly at night.

shooting (manageable) pain –
it think this is from the nerves re firing.

Small CSF Leak –
There is the major concern on my part, about still having a small CSF leak still. Every morning, midday I smell the csf, I think I actually have a moist nose but no actual dripping of fluid from the nose. I pray I am wrong on this.

No smell and little taste –
I can taste mint and lemon (faintly). Spicy sauces like A1 steak sauce. It think it is the vinegar. Smelling is totally off almost metallic, I had some fresh coffee grounds (one of my favorite smells) and tested the right side, no sense of smell, then I tested left side and it was so metallic smelling it hurt.

Blind in the right eye –
I am driving again, and sometimes I even forget I’m blind in one eye.

Bright side update –
I now have more energy!

I spoke to a buddy of ours who had a traumatic event years ago, where he lost his right eye. It came right out of the socket, I will spare you the details however, I would recommend you always wear eye protection when cast fishing. Anyways, he said to expect about 2 years before you do not even notice that you are missing your eye.

I did get a copy of the ct scan and when i got home i spent about 1 hour looking at the scans. While I have no idea what they say about my pain and swelling, you can see the Surgical repair site, and it appears that I have some air still in the front area, just guessing. I will have questions for the surgeons next time I speak to them about what I see with the repair, so I understand it when looking at future CT Scans. Again radiology fascinates me.

Well I will update everyone after I hear from the doc. I have to start packing up the house, slowly but surely I will get this house decrapified, and ready for the movers. Yard sale is August 10th. Moving by the 15th.


About Just Jules

USCG Vet, wife, daughter, recently blimded in one eye from brain surgery, using my passion for 3Gun as my rehab.
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