Finally spoke to Dr B.

I feel like such a nag sometimes, when I call a doctors office about my health concerns. We have a best friend, that lives out of state, who is an internal medicine doc , and he tells me not to feel this way, but I still do, it’s a bad habit of mine. He said to never feel bad about calling a doctor with your legitimate concern. If you are losing sleep over an issue, call the doctor, that is their job to field your calls. They have a full staff to assist them.

So About 2 weeks ago I left messages for Dr B regarding the positional headaches, my continued concern for a small CSF leak since the surgical repair on may 31st. I left a message on a Monday, on that Friday I called again because I had not heard back from his office. They said has been notified and that they would email him again about my concern but not to expect a call until Monday. On Tuesday afternoon I called again because he still had not returned my call. His nurse stated that he is going to call me however he has been in surgery all day, he also wanted to know why I did not just call his cell number. Ok now I feel like I really am bothering him. I finally called him this past Friday night at 5pm. He answered it one the first ring calling me by name. He is laughing at me because I am apologizing profusely, Ok so I need to get over this phobia.

We made an appointment for today. I get I to the exam room and he decides to numb my nasal cavity with what he called cherry volcano. Yikes this stuff burns. He scopes my nose said it looks clear and he does not think I have a csf leak and that it might be my tears going into the sinus cavity (from the first surgery I have my eye muscles in my ethmoid sinus). I explain that the taste and smell that I have today is the same as prior to surgery for the CSF leak. He asked to see if I could wait a few minutes Dr U (my neurosurgeon) is in the office next door and he wants to see if he can come in to see me. Dr U had no idea I was there today.

After 15 minutes Dr U walks into the exam room we have a discussion regarding my concern, the taste and what seems to cause it the most. We agree that after almost 3 months post surgery it should be addressed. They both decide on a scheduling a nuclear study to get a definitive answer to this concern. The study will require a lumbar puncture (not looking forward to this) then they will inject nuclear dye into the spinal tap. I will have cotton pads placed in the nose. This dye will travel through the spinal fluid into the brain. If there is a leak it will show up on the cotton pads and on the radiographs. If this test shows positive for a CSF leak, we will then discuss either a programable shunt into the brain or spine to drain CSF into my abdomen to allow the dura to heal itself. I can hardly believe that 6 months ago an eye surgery that has gone wrong has come to possibly having a shunt surgically implanted into me. I am dead set on not allowing anyone to open up my head again. I had too many issues last time. They said that they don’t actually open up the cranium but that they just put a bur hole in the skull.

Since Dr U was there, I mentioned to him about the movers girlfriend and her Dx with a brain tumor and her concerns also what the 2 doctors had told her. I said I had given her his number for a second opinion (or3rd). He said to have her call is private secretary, mention that she was the one I had discussed with him and he would see her and get her situation under control.

We say our good byes to Dr B and thank Dr U for seeing me today and head for the car.

As the hubs and I are walking out of the office, Dr B yells to us to call his cell phone and let him know the date of the study, he wants be their to put the cotton pads in the nose. He we ago agin with the anxiety of calling him and bugging him.


About Just Jules

USCG Vet, wife, daughter, recently blimded in one eye from brain surgery, using my passion for 3Gun as my rehab.
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One Response to Finally spoke to Dr B.

  1. Shirley Nelsen says:

    Oh my gosh! It is never ending for you! You are right, spinal taps are not fun. But you will have skilled folks doing it. I thought, though, that they could test CSF with a test strip (like for glucose, but different slip.) I have to assume this is not an option, or you sure would not have had a tap proposed. Keep writing! Thanks for your posts.
    I did, however, just opt out for two OD’s. NOt worth it to me. Had one, with post op complications which continue 3 years later.
    Thyroid eye disease is terrible.

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