Cisternogram update

Well I thought I should update:

As of a month ago Dr B and Dr U wants me to have a cisternogram with pledgets so see if I am still having a CSF leak since the craniotomy.

My primary care provider medical group has been playing their little games with the approvals. As of yesterday I was informed that I have to have my test done at a different facility then where Dr U and Dr B are located about 15 miles away. I was ticked off to say the lest. The medical group needed to know why it was medically necessary for me to have it at the surgeons hospital instead of their contracted hospital. Well in my mind the surgeons know their radiology staff and Dr U was going to put in the lumbar catheter. Long story as to why my Neurosurgeon needs to place this, but the short story is: I had back surgery in the area of placement and during my Craniotomy it took the surgical staff 5 times to place the catheter in my spine while I was asleep. This test requires that I be awake for the placement. Ouch.

These lumbar punctures are painful and I want it done by an experienced surgeon and not some radiologist tech that thinks he/she is gods gift for spinal catheters.

When I received the call yesterday informing me of this new development that my test is being transferred away from my surgeon I blew a gasket. Swearing like I was in a steroid induce psychosis. The hubs was just as ticked off. I called Dr B’s cell phone and received his voice mail. Then i called his office and he was with a patient. I have a few questions for him regarding the placement of the pledgets for the test. He was firm in stating that he needed to place them for this test because of the eye muscle inside my nose.

To take my thoughts away from this insurance BS the hubs said lets head out to the local Indian casino for a little bit. I was totally up for what I consider it the best way to forget about your current troubles. When I am at the casino all of my worries just go to the way side. The bonus was I won Sweet.

So today I still had not heard back from Dr B and feeling down and out the hubs and I went out to the buffet at the casino. We agreed to play 100.00 each. The next thing I knew I had another jackpot. Double sweet. While we were playing Dr B had called my cellphone and left a very broken message. His cell reception was extremely bad. So I have no clue what his long message was. Just a total broken message. I tried to call him back and got the VM again. The only thing that i did get from his message is that i will have to go to Dr B’s hospital for him to place the pledgets then hafe to drive to the other hospital to have the testing. Frustrating to say the least. I will have to call Kim in the morning and have her try to decipher the message that he left.

Well that is all for now. I’m going to go and enjoy a nice dinner with the hubs.

Have a great night


About Just Jules

USCG Vet, wife, daughter, recently blimded in one eye from brain surgery, using my passion for 3Gun as my rehab.
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