Cisternogram thoughts

So I have the approval from the medical group for the test. They are reviewing it and putting the test in place which is a multi step process.

I found out that Dr B can only do this prep on Monday’s and Tuesday’s. So if my calculations are correct I see the following happening:

The hospital will call either Monday or Tuesday, they will try to schedule it a week away. Monday the 8th is the only day that week Dr B is available, so my guess is that I wont be able to get this test until the 15th-16th of the month.

I continue to have headaches and a stiff neck that was very concerning last night. If they get any worse, I will be contacting Dr B. until I hear from the hospital. There is really nothing more to report. Have a great weekend. For our area we are receiving record setting heat so I think maybe a trip to the beach is in order.


About Just Jules

USCG Vet, wife, daughter, recently blimded in one eye from brain surgery, using my passion for 3Gun as my rehab.
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