Changing how you tell a doc “something is wrong” just might be key

Well, after 6 months and 8, 9 or twenty eye appointments later, finally my original eye doc that created this whole mess, or hole mess, if you prefer. Finally understood my concern with my LEFT EYE vision issue.

I swear that doctors only pretend to hear you. They keep thinking what THEY think is the issue, even though what you are tell them is different than what they are thinking. Confusing I know.

First up my fields exam, sat there for 5 minutes with the right eye and could not see any lights, then the left lights but not every where

This is the conversation.

Doc: so the fields still show a difference since the craniotomy and there has been a slight change since last month, however there is always a little fluctuation from test to test. How do you feel about your vision changes.

Me: we’ll lets put it this way. On May 31st I could see perfectly out of the left eye BEFORE the craniotomy, and my left eye is exactly today as it was AFTER waking up from the craniotomy.

You could see the LIGHT BULB above head turned on.

Doc: oh you have had is issue and concern since that day?

Me: yep, have a look at all of the doc and nurse notes from the hospital. It states it right there. This is the reason WHY I came back to you. You saw me before all of this surgery crap, you have all of my testing before, the brain surgery, you even came in an saw me twice in the hospital. YES ever since surgery!

Once again expression of surprise with the light bulb above shinning brightly and a bell ringing In the back ground. Ding DinG Ding… We have a winner.

I explained that on last visit, i told him this exact thing, he just did not listen. Now he understands this has been my main concern. I know I will never have usable visit in my right eye. Get over that eye. The only thing I am concerned with “WHY is my left eye screwed up?” It did not have a retinal artery occlusion and I have the same dark areas with the swirly lines that my right eye has, just not the whole eye.

I guess if you keep throwing rocks at a wall sooner or later one is bound to finally stick.

What this means now that some one finally LISTENED! Who knows happens next, i am just so pissed off that it took this long for some one to listen.

It was interesting in our hour long appointment he asked questions about the concerns for a continued CSF leak. I explained that after we looked at it together, I saw something that did not look correct, so I ordered a copy to be sent by email to me and brought it up to Dr B’s attention on the 19th appointment.

I go back in a few weeks and have an eye exam so I can get a prescription that might allow me to read a news paper. And then again in a few months for another field of vision test.

I am now waiting for a call or email from Dr B regarding that MRI issue. Will update after that. Hope everyone has a great week. Holy cow Christmas is only 22 days away. Where did my year go.


About Just Jules

USCG Vet, wife, daughter, recently blimded in one eye from brain surgery, using my passion for 3Gun as my rehab.
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