CT image of craniotomy site. Warning graphic photo.

Well about 5 months ago, I had a CT scan that showed my surgical site and I said I would upload a picture when I figured out how to get it off the CD.

Well I guess the brain cells finally figured out how to get this on the sight.

Bi-Frontal Craniotomy for anterior skull base repair, aka CSF rhinorheea from the ethmoidal roof, aka cribform plate repair.

This shows the plates and screws holding my skull into place.


So these are the plates that cause so much discomfort when: it is cold, hot, when I brush a hand and or anything else against them.

I have been told that the large site is so they could lift the brain up off the skull base to complete the repair.

So there you have it.


About Just Jules

USCG Vet, wife, daughter, recently blimded in one eye from brain surgery, using my passion for 3Gun as my rehab.
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13 Responses to CT image of craniotomy site. Warning graphic photo.

    • Just Jules says:

      I know, right? Explains a lot.

      • I’ve never seen any of mine. Don’t know if I can stomach it. BTW – do you know if spontaneous CSF leaks can occur? Do you know if CSF can go down your throat, come through your eyes, etc?

      • Just Jules says:

        Yes to all of your questions.

      • Do you know much about how? Meaning, how would I know if I do have a CSF leak? My symptoms can mimic allergies and do you know how the CSF can come out via sinuses? Are they connected? (That’s OK if you don’t know…I’m just trying to NOT look on the internet.)

      • Just Jules says:

        Ok sorry. My drip was prominent when I was sitting on the edge of my bed and bent over to put on or take off my shoe, sock, pick something up that fell. I also had a headache and dizziness all the time. But only when I was standing up right or sitting up right. Headache would go away when I laid down.

        Yes there are all kinds of info with spontaneous leaks they state it is because of inner cranial pressure from hydrocephalus in other words too much CSF fluid being made and pulsed around in the head.

        I knew from the day I woke up after surgery their was an issue. It took my Doc 45 days Ito hear me and check it out.

        After my craniotomy I tasted CSF all of the time. And I get the same headache everyday. The only thing that makes the headache go away is laying down. The eye doc did mention that anything that gets in to my frontal sinus can drain from my eye because I don’t have bone between the sinus and my eye from OD. This is what I am discussing with my surgeons today. I most likely have a continued small leak when I lay down which fills the sinus and then either goes down the back of my throat or builds up in my eye and leaks out as the point of least resistance. This is my theory from symptoms.

      • What does CSF taste like?

      • Just Jules says:

        It taste sort of like salted honey. I smells like crap.

      • I’m struggling between figuring out if what I’m feeling/tasting is just allergies (phlegm) or in fact CSF. My head kind of feels better today…so, I’m confused. I just don’t want to ignore anything!

      • Just Jules says:

        Most likely it is a sinus issue not a CSF leak. Spontaneous leaks are extreamy rare.

      • I got a hold of the NS office last night. (Sorry to hijack your comment thread.) I’m 1.5 years from surgery and the shunt haunts me even today (I was told I will have to have it at some point WHEN/IF the tumors get bigger)…and I had CSF post-op…but the headache broke this morning and I’m in MUCH less pain. I’m really glad we have connected. Thank you for your words.

      • Just Jules says:

        No worries, we are all in this together. When we need reassurance it is nice to hear from others who have walked that path. It sucks we have to walk forward while always checking behind us.

  1. Shirley Nelsen says:

    Most people think it tastes salty.

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