Well lets hope this works.

Dr B and Dr U both hate having to deal with my medical group and their referral process. Today I changed my medical group and primary care provider.

Usually I would not worry too much about this kind of change. however, now that I rely on replacement hormones since I had RAI to kill off my thyroid concerns me. My current primary understands that I can not take regular replacement and have to take a dissected thyroid tar placement. This requires a different type of blood testing then just TSH. It has taken me 2 years of dealing with my primary to finally start running the correct labs.

A national endocrine society just stated that blood testing for thyroid patients is TSH only. Well that will tell them only that I am taking replacements and not what is actually happening with the hormones. I guess the saving grace is I just had a blood test this morning so I will be able to show my new doc the testing that I usually get. This should be interesting.

At least Dr U and Dr B will be happy with me being associated with their medical group. Their should be no excuse on getting referrals in a timely fashion.

Crossing my fingers I just did the right thing. Starting feb 1st I have a new medial group, and on feb 4th I meet my new doc.


About Just Jules

USCG Vet, wife, daughter, recently blimded in one eye from brain surgery, using my passion for 3Gun as my rehab.
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11 Responses to Well lets hope this works.

  1. Shirley Nelsen says:

    HI. I question your reference to managing your thyroid supplement by TSH lab only. I cannot find the National Endocrine Society. I DID find Endocrine Society. But could not find the information regarding thyroid labs, TSH, T3 and T4. What different kind of testing are you referring to? What tests? Is your primary a naturopath, or an MD endocrinologist? I realize you have much bigger things to think about, but generally, Synthroid and generic levothyroxine are the replacement hormones, with the very rare person taking something like Cytomel, which is both T3 and T4. T3 tends to metabolize all at once, and to be taken properly, if taken, it should be taken in divided doses during the day. I am looking forward to what you will explain to me.
    Regarding an OD, I am reluctant to take any of the risks associated with it. And certainly, your experience does give me pause to even consider it. I’d rather tape my eyes closed at night.
    I have had six failed eye surgeries of various types, with major complications over a year later with the graft site on my hard palate.

    • Just Jules says:

      I fixed the typo instead of “the” it should have stated “A”. I don’t like using the actual names of associations I do not agree with. Tat is just me.

      They have made my life a living he££. Their standard testing of TSH only for hypothyroid is not effective for my treatment. I am allergic to the LEVO’s I have tried all of them. The only one I can take and feel normal and have no issues with is a dissected Pork thyroid. In other word dried pig gland that has t4 and t3 in it.

      It has made my life worth living compared to the living he££ I was going through. My current medical team seems to feel for ME it has helped with my eye muscles returning to normal. They are studying it now that they have seen such a dramatic change in such a short time span. It all happened when I was no longer HYPO. The only common denominator was the hormone replacement I am on, and my blood work proves it.

  2. Good luck! Do you like the Armour? I’m assuming that’s what you’re on?

    • Just Jules says:

      Yes I am. Just hoping that the doc works with that protocol

      • My old endo didn’t seem to want to try Armour…..hmm….I wonder why? Is there a stigma with it I wonder?

      • Just Jules says:

        Yes endos are not likely to issue Armour. Then again endos go by TSH. I have found that I was allergic and could not convert the Synthroid type. After fighting with endo went to a primary that understood. Now I can function.

        My labs require. Free T3 and free T4. The pain Meds I take lower the TSH. So if you look just at the TSH I am considered HYPER even though I am now borderline HYPO. So Endos will not work with me. My primary has seen the results in me after starting the Armour. All allergic reactions go. Functioning memory, no fatigue etc… And my Antibodies have receded back to normal which allowed my eye muscles to heal themselves. Wish I knew this before eye surgery. Would have saved me a lot of trouble.

    • Just Jules says:

      Yes I do. I would be a complete basket case if I was still on Synthroid and the crapy endo that said there was nothing else. To bad your allergic to it.

      • Nono, I’m not allergic to it – I can’t seem to find an endo. or doctor that can or will prescribe it. you noticed a big difference on it?

      • Just Jules says:

        Yes a huge difference. What part of the word do you live? There are new drug trials happening at Bethesda hospital comparing Armour which was the old standard before the synthetic was produced. Most doctors are miss informed they have been brain washed in to believing that the drug is not regulated. Which is false. They also have been led to believe that it is made with cow rodent pig thyroid extract you name an animal and they believe that they are included in to the mix. Which is not true. It is pig thyroid. It is tested and regulated with every batch and stable. Hopefully the new study will discredit the Synthroid manufacturers claims against Armour and nature thyroid, as well as NP by acella which just came out as a generic last year. Maybe ask you doc to try the NP by acella. Verify the spelling on the Internet.

        Their is a few groups on yahoo that are pier to pier groups that have doctors listed in every state that prescribes dissected thyroid. Look up natural thyroid or thyroidless in the yahoo groups. While I don’t believe everything I read there, or even subscribe to some of their methods, they are very helpfull. Also check out stop the thyroid madness web site. I have taken it all in and run my own way with treating my symptoms and issues. What I do works for ME.

  3. Cat says:

    Good luck with the new medical group and doc – surely your old doc’s recommendation on the replacement and testing will carry some weight.

    • Just Jules says:

      Thanks for the encouragement. The new doc is the primary that Dr B and Dr U suggested for their medical group. I will let you know after I have my first appointment with the NEW guy Dr C.

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