A family friend, need prayers for quick healing and steady hands.

This morning I called my to planning on discussing her upcoming birthday and wanting to take her and her long term boyfriend to my favorite farm to table restaurant. We have been wanting to go for a few months now. I called her and found out that she and the boyfriend were in urgent care and she would call me back.

A little post history: moms boyfriend’s family and mine have been friends for as long as I can remember. His youngest son was my first date. His dearly departed wife and my mom were close friends. Our families were bonded together during a tragic auto accident with his oldest son and my brother in an auto accident, on my 10th birthday. Tragically his son lost his life I. That accident.

He just had his 80th birthday a few weeks back, very high quality of life. Yes he is legally blind and has a few minor old age related issues but a high quality of life. He has been I. An out of urgent cares for different things over the past few years.

For the past few weeks ha has had a few headaches and really tired. He is a true man when it comes to not feeling well. Oh it’s my teeth, or I’m just tired I over did it etc… I guess over the weekend he was really having some headaches but would not go to have it checked out. He said I have a dr appointment on Monday so we will just wait. Is what he told yay mom. He was up and down all last night due to a headache. He started slurring his speech slightly, my mom could hear it. H was also a little steady on his feet.

Anyways he goes to the doctors appointment and I mediates that doc said to go over to the cardiologist to have him take a look. The Doc was not in but the A on duty said to go over to urgent care. The whole time I am sure he was giving my mom the whole. I’m fine I just have a headache, take me home. Glad mom did not listen.

After the urgent care ran their test they did a CT scan and noticed he has 2 blood clots on the brain and an active bleed happening putting pressure on the brain. They are at the same hospital I had my brain surgery. I told my mom to as for Dr U my surgeon and I am on my way.

When I got to the ICU I see Dr U going over his chart. I made sure that my moms boyfriends son did not mind that I stay and talk and ask questions when Dr U was there. No worries I was told. Dr U sorta looked at me said hello and did a double take then looked at me again wondering why I was standing in his ICU so I pointed to his new patient. His word were OH NO sorta under his breath. He said give him a minute, then he came into the room.

I guess do to a fall that he had a few weeks back there has been a small bleed on both sides of his head not helped by his blood thinners he has been on. Anyways he is currently in the same ICU that I was holed up in 9 months ago. He will be taken in to the or tomorrow to have his sub dural hematoma’s drained and try to remove the blood clots. I am having sympathy headaches for him as I type this, with a heavy heart. I pray that Dr U can work his magic on this ,an that I endearingly call Papa G. He is like a second father to me and my brothers.

If you are reading this on 3/5/13 please say a prayer for papa G, that Dr U can fix his problems and make him whole again.


About Just Jules

USCG Vet, wife, daughter, recently blimded in one eye from brain surgery, using my passion for 3Gun as my rehab.
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