Mini Vacation, altitude travel

We had an invite by my brother to come down to the river for the weekend. He was looking at places to rent or later buy out at the river and was going to launch the jet skis. We have been assisting his son and daughter in law with their 2 kids while they were moving into there new home. This was sort of a thank you for helping. We said sure we would love to come. A few days before we were leaving I find out that my Nephew and his family were going as well.

The hubs and I decided to leave early Friday morning so we could launch the skis early Friday, before everyone gets there for the weekend. This is the first time out on skis since being blind in one eye, and brain surgery so I did not want to be out on the water with all of the other crazies on the water. This was considered the true first river weekend since the weather service was calling for temps to be in the 90’s.

The hubs made me promise that would wear a helmet anytime I am riding. Ok if that’s all he was asking I have no problems looking like a dork on the water. So I purchased a snowboarders helmet and away we go. I forgot how enjoyable being on the water really was. the freedom of doing what you want with out road restrictions, the wind in you hair the spray of the cool water on a hot and sunny day. In the main channel you can go as fast as your boat will take you and then all along the river there are little backwater areas that Are no wake zones. The hubs and I decided to.check out all of these little back water areas. It was so beautiful, there were a few bass fishers out and us. It was the best place for me to try out the driving a boat with one eye and make any adjustments I needed to before the crazies arrived. We ended up riding for about 4 hours total.

The headaches were tolerable because I was having too much fun. Sorta like my 5 yr old nephew having so much fun in the cool waters on such a hot day he did not realize he was shivering and half blue from being cold. You deal with it. When it finally hit me I was having headaches I just either laid down on the ski to get flat or floated for a while. It was perfect in every way.

We drove home today and decided that going over the mountain on the way home we would stop and have lunch. Driving over the mountain did not Hurt my head on the way over but that was just an up down type of drive. Anyways we stopped for lunch at 4100 foot elevation. I did start to feel the pressure in my head after about an hour. Not much pain but more like the pressure I get before a headache is about to really get a hold of me. We stayed a little longer to see what would happen. All in all I did ok. It was 3:30 when I took a pain pill about the usual time I start taking them anyways so not too sure if it was the elevation causing the headache or if it was the everyday normal type. They feel the same so I guess we will need to take a picnic basket up the mountain a little higher and sit a spell and see if it triggers anything of if today was just a coincident.

So until the next time we get invited back t the river, I am just trying to get along with my life an leave this craniotomy stuff behind me.


About Just Jules

USCG Vet, wife, daughter, recently blimded in one eye from brain surgery, using my passion for 3Gun as my rehab.
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