Doctors letters

I really hate government red tape. There are assistance programs out there for the truly disabled and or rehabbing individuals who have paid into the system, and when a disability event happens you should, (should being the key word) be able to get living assistance while you are figuring out your new disability.

Last year I submitted for federal disability, knowing that my temp state disability was going to run out and still having major issues. At the end of March after taking their physiological test, I received a denial letter in the letter it stated that I could file for reconsideration with the state department. Basically what I have read is that unless you are in a hospital and social services is not the one filling out your request for disability they will deny it on the first go round. It states on the denial letter that you have 60 days past the date of the denial to as for a reconsideration.

On 4/13/13 I emailed, Dr B, Dr E, and Dr L. I also faxed Dr U a request for letters to send with my reconsideration for disability. Hey they are the ones seeing and dealing with my issues. They are the ones who said file for disability. I asked that they have the letter back to me by May 5th if possible, my deadline for filing my paperwork is 5/15. I had an appointment to drop off my paperwork 5/10.

I did a follow up phone call to all of my doctors on 5/1 asking their secretaries to please follow up with the doctors and make sure that they are on task. When Friday last week was rolling around I did one more round of calls. Dr E was in Washington, he was not returning phone calls, or so his receptionist stated. I called Dr B’s office and spoke to Kimberly. Unfortunately, Dr B had asked her to place this on his task sheet that Monday, then he was called out of town on an emergency. Hopefully he would be back in town this week. I truly hope whatever the emergency was worked out and everyone is fine. Hey even surgeons are human and they have families, and illness.

I called Kimberly yesterday and she stated that Dr B was back in town and she would talk to him about the letter. I called again today to find out that since he was away on an emergency he is now backed up and is too busy to do the letter and that he is not going to write it. Bummer.

Well as of today I have only received one letter. From my neurosurgeon. I figured my primary Dr L would be the one to not return the paperwork, he was basically clueless to what happened to me and what I have been going through. I also figured that the surgeon who caused this hole in my head would have been the 1st one to respond, I was wrong! I also figured after all of the times I have been to Dr B’s office and all of the times he has stated “no one asked me to write a letter stating your disability”, he would have been the 1st or second letter. Nope nada zilch nothing.

Yes I am now under the deadline to get this in to the state department so their non doctor personnel can review my paperwork and wave their magic wand and either deny or highly unlikely approve my request for assistance.

So tomorrows meeting is cancelled, I will fill out the application and submit it next week with the one letter I did receive from Dr U, and cross my fingers.

Wish me luck and say a prayer.

My next doctors appointment is with Dr U middle of next month, unless something else happens I will not be posting. I will however still respond to emails and questions, have a great night.



About Just Jules

USCG Vet, wife, daughter, recently blimded in one eye from brain surgery, using my passion for 3Gun as my rehab.
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  1. Cat says:

    Good luck and prayers for you!

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