Root canal today

About 2 weeks ago I had a tooth break and the existing filling fall out. I went to a new dentist and he put in a temp filling to secure the tooth and scheduled my root canal for today.

The actual procedure was ok. It was the I ejection in the roof of the mouth that was painful, then about 2 hours in, he found 2 canals that he did not expect to see in the tooth. So another hour of filing and drilling on 2 nerves that were pain full.

Thank god I have pain pills available to me from my doctors for my headaches. Yowza, after the numbing has gone away my tooth is extremely painful if I touch it with any food.

I go back in next week have this temp filling removed and the tooth will get worked on then an impression to have the crown made, which they will install in about 3 weeks from today.

So I am laying down in a stupor today dealing with this. Oh what fun! <<<<NOT


About Just Jules

USCG Vet, wife, daughter, recently blimded in one eye from brain surgery, using my passion for 3Gun as my rehab.
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