The players

Dr E – the neuro opthamologist who did my orbital decompression

Dr A – the 1st Neurosurgeon (Jerry Van Dyke look alike)

Dr M -the ENT that was suppose to be the best in the world as per Dr. A

Dr B – the ENT that the insurance company transferred me to (very knowledgable) he is one of my all time favorite Docs. Works about 90 hours a week doing surgery and surgical follow up

Dr U – the second neuro surgeon he is a team member of Dr B (this guy works 100 hrs per week saving lives) this guy gets my total respect

Kimberly Dr B’s scheduler she is fantastic


One Response to The players

  1. Anonymous says:

    I have read your blog wth awe and interest you are very brave
    I found the blog whilst reaserching for crainoplasty journeys on the Internet
    I am due for a crainoplasty on Monday 14 th at charring cross hospital in the uk
    The operation is necessary to repair a missing section of bone using a titanium plate which has been made to mirror image the missing bone which was removed tto save my life dur to excessive swelling caused by a stroke

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